10 dairy free and vegan cheese brands you need to try Posted on 28 Aug 09:58 , 0 comments

We are so proud to share this article just out from Metro, with 10 cheese brands available here in the UK that are sure to please a vast majority transitioning to a vegan or dairy free diet.

We are truly honoured to be named & it just goes to show that our very small team is capable of moving mountains!

"When people say they miss cheese since cutting out dairy, I immediately present them with this list of amazing vegan alternatives."

 Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/25/10-dairy-free-and-vegan-cheese-brands-you-need-to-try-6860750/#ixzz4r2K9rIIG"

Metro: 10 Dairy Free & Vegan Cheeses You Must Try.