Raising Donations for Charity Posted on 06 Oct 11:00 , 0 comments

At Nutcrafter Creamery we believe animals shouldn't suffer and we should all work towards a cruelty -free society. There are many ways to reach these goals and we will contribute by donating a portion of our sales to vegan related charities every month. Remember that from now until 30/11/15 we will be donating 5% of our online sales to a local charity, Greyhound Awareness League (GAL). GAL is one of the oldest registered greyhound charities in Scotland, run entirely by volunteers to re-home ex-racing or abandoned greyhounds and lurchers. They deserve a little help so when you place an order with us know that part of the proceeds are going to support GAL. For more information on GAL and what their team of volunteers do, check out their website or phone them up. http://www.gal.org.uk/