How best to enjoy our vegan cheese on pizza Posted on 28 Aug 10:57 , 0 comments


Hello everyone,

Our customers often want to know, "Does your cheese melt?" Except for our Nutzarella, the simple answer is NO! Please don't try to melt our aged cheeses. The fact is that we use just four or five wholesome ingredients to produce our aged cheeses to keep them high in flavour and nutrients and low in saturated fats. We don't add oils or gums to make them stretch or have that gooey effect. Please go ahead and warm it up, but don't overcook them or you will quickly find out that nut based cheeses get crispy and burnt around the outside like a roasted nut would. 

This is why we always add our aged cheeses to pizza as a last step, just when the pizza is hot out of the oven like this one shown below. (The Volcanic Aged Black Charcoal with a charcoal crusted pizza)

On the other hand, if you like Italian style mozzarella give our Nutzarella a try. It's made with organic coconut oil so it will melt a little, but don't expect it to stretch like its dairy version. It's also really delicious on its own with olive oil and oregano. Our favourite uses are in a caprese salad or on a panino with pesto. The taste is mild and the texture is spot on, your knife will slice right through it.

Hope this guide was helpful! 


Charcoal Pizza & Vegan Cheese