Our Story
Nutcrafter Creamery is a small, environmentally conscious company developing and creating cruelty-free innovative artisanal food. All of our products are 100% plant based, handcrafted and free from processed ingredients. They are made from wholesome cashew or almond milk and the methods used in our kitchen follow the principles of living and raw food. 
The mission of  Nutcrafter Creamery is that to cultivate and spread a healthier and balanced lifestyle through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is forever considerate to our planet.
Our vision is that of a world where most of the food chain will be produced sustainably and cruelty-free; where a humane community will treat animals with respect and kindness; where using renewable energy and protecting the planet's ecosystem will be the norm and where every human being will have economic and physical access to food and water sources.
Nutcrafter Creamery
Artist Block, Unit 2/3
Quarriers Village PA11 3TF
Tel.: 01505675354
Email: info@nutcrafter.co.uk