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Aged Cranberry

Our premium Cranberrydale is an aged cashew cheese filled with organic cranberries and walnuts.  It has a distinctive creamy and supple texture, a mild and characteristic sweet flavour cunningly balanced with astringent tannins notes.

Cranberrydale is suitable for antipasto and main courses and is equally well-matched with melon, pears, apples, spicy nuts and candied fruit.  Makes a great pair with a white Zinfandel, a ripe Pinot Noir or a demi-sec sparkling wine, a well bodied Port, a fruity Ale or a mature Cabernet Sauvignon and Amarone.


Cranberrydale is low in saturated fat and sodium, contains zero cholesterol and is high in iron and vegetable protein. It is made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilisers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. It contains no gluten, no casein, no soya, no yeast and lactose free. It's 100% dairy free and 100% vegan.

Weight: approximately 190gr but because it's all made by hand, please be advise that every round may slightly differs in weight.

Ripeness: 4 weeks

Shelf life: 2 months in the refrigerator, 4 months in the freezer.